Architectural Committee Decisions

AC Decisions
June 21, 2023
6012 Winter Grain Path: Sunroom, Deck
6412 Western Star Run: Fence
7140 Morning Light Trail: Deck Renovation
7071 Garden Walk: Tree Removals
6016 Winter Grain Path: Driveway Expansion

Approved with Condition(s)
6540 Autumn Wind Circle: Deck Material Change, Hot Tub, Privacy Fence

6482 Empty Song Road: Deck, Patio

June 7, 2023
12025 Floating Clouds Path: Tree and Stump Removals

Approved with Condition(s)
12132 Sunlit Water Way: Tree Addition
6012 Ascending Moon Path: Deck, Enclosed Porch
7095 Garden Walk: Fence
6522 Barley Corn Row: Deck Modification, Shed

6012 Winter Grain Path: Sunroom, Deck

5746 Western Sea Run: Exterior Car Charger
6016 Countless Stars Run: Deck Color: Color Change

Approved with Condition(s)
6109 Trackless Sea Court: Tree and Stump Removal
12116 Hidden Waters Way: Tree and Stump Removal