July 2022 Architectural Decisions

AC Decisions
June 15, 2022 (Lack of Quorum)

5933 Gentle Call: Patio

Approved with Conditions
6072 Countless Stars Run: Deck, Covered Porch

5746 Western Sea Run: Pool Part 2
5917 Gentle Call: Patio, Deck, Deck Material Change

June 1, 2022 (Lack of Quorum)
6605 Autumn Wind Circle: Pool Concept
12108 Hidden Waters Way: Shed

Approved with Condition(s)
5746 Western Sea Run: Pool Part 1
6037 Winter Grain Path: Patio, Regrading, Drainage

May 18, 2022 (Lack of Quorum)
Approved with Condition(s)
6500 Hazel Thicket Drive Retaining Wall, French Drain, Steps

6447 Empty Song Road: Tree Removal
6301 Morning Time Lane: Patio
6524 Hazel Thicket Drive: Tree Removal
6415 Morning Time Lane: Patio
6121 Eternal Ocean Place: Patio, Fire Pit
5820 Wild Orange Gate: Tree Removal
12133 Flowing Water Trail: Deck Material Change
6342 Golden Star Place: Tree Removal
6478 Onward Trail: Window, Door: Reconfiguration

Approved with Conditions
6056 Ascending Moon Path: Shed
5713 Whistling Winds Walk: Retaining Wall