July 1, 2020 – September 16, 2020 Architectural Decisions

September 16, 2020

6500 South Trotter Road: Material Change: Walkway, Steps, Railing

Approved with Condition(s)

6620 Rising Waves Way: Pool Part 2

5713 Whistling Winds Walk: Tree Removals

6412 Distant Melody Way: Open Covered Porch, Drainage, Fire Pit


5812 Leaves of Grass Court: Pool Part 1

September 2, 2020

Approved with Condition

6332 Victorious Song Lane: Shed


6105 Rippling Water Walk: Landscape, Lighting, Stain, Sprinklers

12032 Floating Clouds Path: Pool Part 1

August 19, 2020

6032 Countless Stars Run: Retaining Wall


6344 Daring Prince Way: Drainage

July 1, 2020

6521 Waving Tree Court: Patio


6340 Departed Sunset Lane: Roof Solar Panels

12137 Flowing Water Trail: Tree Removal

6594 Autumn Wind Circle: Tree Removal

6512 Early Lily Row: Patio

6508 Waving Tree Court: Patio

6218 Linden Linthicum Lane: Tree Removal

6510 Barley Corn Row: Tree Removal

5811 Laurel Leaves Lane: Tree Removal

Approved with Condition

6461 Onward Trail: Tree Removal

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