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Recently, there have been several cases of  thefts from vehicles and property damage and vandalism that included the slashing of car tires and graffiti on homes, sidewalks and pathways in the community. Police reports were taken and area patrols were increased. These types of incidents, although atypical for River Hill, are upsetting to the victims and can result in time consuming and expensive repairs and replacements. In their wake, residents want to know what can be done to prevent these kinds of crimes. The first thing to remember is the Howard County Police Department cannot function effectively without the concerned assistance of responsible citizens. They depend on residents to call and report all suspicious persons or actions, no matter the day or time. Refer to this resource outlining When to Call the Police and examples of suspicious activity if you are ever in doubt, and consider joining River Hill’s Neighborhood Watch Program as a way to help deter crime in the community.

The Neighborhood Watch Program is an effort focused on involving the efforts of the police and the community, designed to  enhance neighborhood security, heighten the community’s power of observation, and to encourage mutual assistance and concern among neighbors. The program is facilitated by neighborhood Block Captains who share crime and safety information with their neighbors and act as a conduit of information between residents, the Association, and the police department.

If your street isn’t already participating, you and your neighbors might want to consider joining. At least one resident on the street will need to volunteer to be the Block Captain. Long streets can be shared. To find out more about participating in the program and becoming a Block Captain visit the Committees page or contact the River Hill Village Manager at 410-531-1749 or by email to


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