January 9, 2018 Minutes


River Hill Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2018*



Opening (Agenda 1):

Harjeet Singh Jandu, Board Vice Chair, called the Board meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. The following members were in attendance: Robert Choi, Tony Miceli, and Dalia Shlash. Yamini Ananth and Cindy Tian, Student Members, and Susan Smith, Village Manager, were in attendance. Renee DuBois arrived at 8:24 p.m. The following Board Members were absent: Richard Thomas and Liyan Zhang. Chao Wu, Columbia Council Representative, was absent.


Approval of the Agenda (Agenda 2):

Mr. Choi made a motion approve the agenda.  Mr. Miceli seconded the motion. The motion passed (4-0-0). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2).


Administrative Items (Agenda 3):

Mr. Miceli made a motion to approve the December 4, 2017 Minutes as submitted. Ms. Shlash seconded the motion. The motion passed (3-0-1). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2).


Resident Speak Out (Agenda 4):



FY18 2nd Quarter Financial Reports & Variance Analysis (Agenda 5A):

Ms. Smith presented the financial reports. Discussion. Ms. Shlash made a motion to approve the 2nd Quarter Financial Statements and Variance Analysis. Mr. Choi seconded the motion. The motion passed (4-0-0). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2).


CA FY19/20 Budget (Agenda 6A):

Ms. Smith distributed CA’s responses to questions raised by the Managers regarding the Contingency Fund. Following a discussion, it was the consensus of the Board not to provide input at the January 18 Budget Forum.


River Hill Square Development (Agenda 6B):

In preparation for the River Hill Square pre-submission meeting on January 24, the Board discussed the project. It was the consensus of the Board to have members of the Traffic & Safety and/or Development Advisory Committees reiterate the points made in the Association’s input to the Design Advisory Panel (DAP) (12/12/17).


Erickson at Limestone Valley (Agenda 6C):

In preparation for the DAP meeting on January 24, the Board discussed the revisions made by Erickson since the 12/6/17 DAP meeting.


Committee Reports (Agenda 7A):

i. Teen Advisory Committee Ananth and Ms. Tian reported on the plans for a Bob Ross Paint event in March.

ii. Ad hoc Playground Committee – Ms. Shlash distributed a status report including a residents’ recommendations for tot lot upgrades.

iii.Watershed Advisory Committee – Mr. Choi reported that the Committee’s Tip of the Month will focus on raising awareness about small ways to reduce the use of plastics e.g., not using plastic straws. Mr. Choi made the Board aware of concerns regarding Kimco’s storage of ice melt on the rear parking lot and notified the Board that residents should call the police if people are ice skating on the stormwater management ponds.

iv. Traffic and Safety Committee – Mr. Miceli reported that the committee is trying to schedule a meeting with representatives from the State Highway Administration, Howard County’s Office of Transportation, the Department of Public Works, and Erickson Living.

v.Development Advisory Committee – It was the consensus of the Board to provide written input to the DAP and recognize the improvements made to the concept plan in response to the Association’s prior comments and to reiterate the Association’s traffic and safety related concerns. No additional information.


Village Manager Report (Agenda 7B):

A written report is on file with the original minutes. Due to a safety-related project in another village, the flooring at the Meeting Room will not be replaced in February as originally thought. Ms. Smith has sent CA staff a memo outlining the impact of this deferral. Ms. Smith informed the Board that the HVAC replacement at Claret Hall has been pushed back from FY20 to FY21/22. Ms. Smith noted that CA will update the landscaping at the village entrances in late FY18/early FY19. Ms. Smith made the Board aware of the Transportation Priorities Public Meeting to be held on January 24 and recommended the Association provide input.


Council Representative (Agenda 7C):



Board Speak Out (Agenda 8):



Adjournment (Agenda 9):

Ms. DuBois made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:18 p.m. Ms. Shlash seconded the motion. The motion passed (5-0-0). Student Advisory Votes – in favor (2).


Submitted by: Susan M. Smith, Village Manager


Minutes Approved:  February 5, 2018



*Due to inclement weather, the Board Meeting scheduled for Monday, January 8 was rescheduled to Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

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