Is a Tot Lot Near You a Great Candidate for Upgrade? Let Us Know!

The Association has requested that the Columbia Association (CA) include capital funds in the FY19/20 budget to upgrade two tot lots in the village with more modern play equipment. The goal is to update one tot lot in each neighborhood—Pheasant Ridge and Pointers Run.

Residents’ help is needed to identify the two tot lots to upgrade. Tot lots that are slightly larger in size, centrally located, and have the highest utilization are the ideal candidates. The Association welcomes your thoughts and suggestions on the tot lot upgrades and on possible locations.

A community meeting to discuss site selection and upgrade timing will be held on January 18, from 6 – 7 p.m., in the Board Room at Claret Hall. If this is a topic of importance to you, we encourage you to attend. In advance of the meeting, your suggestions for potential locations may be emailed to Dalia Shlash, River Hill Board Member and Open Space Liaison, at

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