Internet Safety Tips

Parents, please consider some of the following Cyber Safety Tips for your young children with access to the Internet.

• Explain to your children what the Internet is, and the fact that they are not alone online.
• Explore the internet together with your child, and explain to them which sites are good to use.
• Teach your children never to give out their personal information or your personal information over the internet.
• Choose an online service that offers parental control features that can block unwanted contacts.
• Use software packages that monitor your child’s activity online, and check your child’s browsing history.
• Explain to your child never to meet anyone face to face who they met online, or to send pictures of themselves to anyone they met online.
• Set computer settings to monitor websites being used.
• Check with other parents to make sure they have established the same rules that you have with internet use at their houses. (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)
• Make sure your kids know to tell you if they find anything or anyone online that makes them feel uncomfortable.

These tips were provided by Pfc. Mitzel, River Hill’s Police Liaison.

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