If You’ve Got Poop, Here’s the Scoop!

The Association regularly receives complaints about people not picking up after their dogs. If you think that dog poop is harmless, hear this — in 1991, the EPA designated dog waste as an environmental pollutant, placing it in the same category as pesticides. Dog poop is not only dangerous to humans, collectively it can infect entire waterways, and lead to algae blooms which can choke out plant and aquatic life. Poop carries toxic bacteria, which cannot be treated/ filtered by the local wastewater treatment system. Besides being rude and disgusting, it is against Howard County Animal Code to not pick up after your pets when off your own property. The greatest areas of concern are currently along Great Star Drive, Eastern Star Pathway, and in Open Space. If you witness this activity consistently, take a photo of the culprits and contact Animal Control at 410-313-2780.

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