Holiday Safety Tips

With the holidays upon us, the Howard County Police Department is reminding citizens of a few simple tips to ensure a crime-free holiday:

  • Lock your doors;
  • Illuminate your house using both a front and back porch light;
  • Know your neighbors, and learn their habits;
  • Let someone you trust know that you will be out of town for an extended period of time;
  • Report suspicious activity by calling 911;
  • When shopping, try to put items in the trunk and spread your shopping experience out. (You don’t want someone to see you going back and forth to your vehicle with merchandise);
  • Use your security system;
  • Remove all items of value out from your vehicle (GPS systems and base, iPods, cell phones, laptops, loose change, bags, purses);
  • Lock your vehicle; and
  • If you have a garage door, ensure it is closed and lock the door leading to the interior of your home, as well.


This information was provided by Ofc. Terrence Benn, Southern District Community Resource Officer,, 410-313-3700.

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