Have a Sidewalk Adjacent to Your Property? Don’t Forget to Shovel the Snow.

Howard County does not maintain any sidewalks, including snow removal, with exception of the sidewalks adjacent to County buildings (libraries, offices, etc.). The owner of property abutting a sidewalk in a public right-of-way is responsible for removing snow from the sidewalk within 48 hours after the snow has fallen.

If a property owner has not removed the snow within the allot- ted time frame, here are some suggestions:

  • Contact the property owner and advise him or her of the County Code.
  • Reach out and ask the property owner if he or she needs assistance. Although the property owner might like to comply with the law, many residents are physically unable to shovel snow and ice and are hesitant to request help from neighbors or friends. Your thoughtfulness can make a big difference to someone who might otherwise be unable to cope.
  • As a last resort, contact the Howard County Police Department at 410-313-2200 to file a complaint.

Helpful Tips

The Bureau of Highways reminds drivers not to park on streets, especially on a cul-de-sac as that makes snow removal nearly impossible for highway crews. Vehicles should be parked in driveways. This allows police officers, firefighters, and paramedics to respond quickly to public safety tasks while driving in treacherous conditions and leads to quick and complete clearing of the roads. Residents may also want to delay shoveling driveway aprons and sidewalks until the street has been completely cleared. Otherwise, it is very likely a full blade of snow will slide off the plow onto the driveway.

Howard County’s Department of Public Works makes every effort to plow and salt County roads quickly and safely during all winter weather emergencies. For more information about County snow removal, visit www.howardcountymd.gov/Departments/ Public-Works/Bureau-Of-Highways/Snow-Removal.

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