Guideline No. 61 – Woodpiles

An Exterior Alteration Application is required for woodpiles not located at the rear of the house and located within the sightlines of the house.

Exterior Alteration Application Requirements

The applications must include:

  • Diagrammed plot plan showing the proposed location of the woodpile. Note: Applications without a diagrammed plot plan will not be accepted.
  • Relation of woodpile to neighboring properties.
  • Explanation of reason for the proposed location of woodpile.
  • Screening information, if applicable. See GUIDELINE No.47—SCREENING.


Your application will most likely be approved if it meets the following criteria:

  1. A complete application is submitted.
  2. Application is accompanied by an application for screening, if applicable.

Approval Not Required

No application is required for woodpiles if the following criteria are followed:

  1. Woodpiles are located at the rear of the house and within the lines defined by the sides of the house extended to the rear.
  2. Wood is not stacked on sidewalks, driveways, rights-of-way, etc.
  3. There are not excessive amounts of wood.

NOTE: The Columbia Association and Howard County do not permit use of their  Open Space for this, or any other personal use and violators will be cited. The RHAC may require screening of woodpiles. See GUIDELINE N0.47­—SCREENING.

Stacking of wood on sidewalks, driveways, rights-of-way, etc. is NOT PERMITTED, nor is the storage of excessive amounts of wood.