Guideline No. 60a — Windows (Replacement, Additions)

An Exterior Alteration Application must be submitted for all additional windows, replacement windows, garden windows, dormers if the style of the replacement or addition varies from the original.

Exterior Alteration Application Requirements

The application must include:

  • Diagrammed plot plan indicating location of window changes. Note: Applications without a diagrammed plot plan will not be accepted.
  • Complete details about the style, color, size and location of all windows to be added or replaced.
  • Manufacturers’ drawings, photographs.
  • Material samples, if requested.

Your application will most likely be approved if the following criteria are followed:

  1. Alterations and materials are in keeping with the existing style and exterior color scheme of the house.
  2. Proposed additions are uniform with other windows, e.g., mullions, grids, trim, color, etc.