Guideline No. 58 – Trellises

An Exterior Alteration Application must be submitted for trellises.

Application Requirements

Application must include:

  • A site plot /plan showing the location of the trellis.

Note: Applications without a diagramed plot/plat plan will not be accepted.

  • Material, color and size of the trellis.
  • Relation of trellis to neighboring properties.
  • A drawing or brochure of the trellis.


Your application will most likely be approved if it meets the following criteria:

  1. The style, color, materials, size, and proportion complement the architectural character and existing color scheme of the house.
  2. The trellis does not significantly impair the view or amount of sunlight of adjacent residences.
  3. The trellis is not out of scale with the house.

Approval not required

An application will not be required for small plant supports placed against the house or garage which match the background color and are made of a natural material.