Guideline No. 50 – Sidewalks/Street Trees

Repair maintenance, including snow removal, of adjoining sidewalks is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner under Howard County Law. Sidewalks must be shoveled within 48 hours after snow has fallen.

If your lot abuts any sections of sidewalk, you are responsible for the sidewalk. Deteriorated sidewalks must be replaced with concrete. (NOTE: No application is required to repair or replace existing sidewalks with concrete; however, any deviation from the original design or location requires that an

Exterior Alteration Application be submitted to the RHAC.)

Maintenance of the grass areas between the sidewalk and curb is the adjacent property owners’ responsibility and must include appropriate mowing and weeding, in the same manner and frequency as regular lawn care.

Street Tree maintenance remains the responsibility of Howard County Highways. For Street or Road Trees requiring maintenance in Howard County contact 410-313-7450.