Guideline No. 47 – Screening

An Exterior Alteration Application must be submitted for screening of any kind.

Application Requirements

Application must include:

  • A site (plot) plan including a scale drawing of the object to be screened.

Note: Applications without a diagramed plot/plat plan will not be accepted.

  • The location, variety, width, height and description of landscape screening.
  • A detailed landscape plan for screening.
  • The size of all trees/shrubs at planting and the projected size at maturity.
  • Any existing landscaping and/or fences.
  • A description of the material of the fences as well as the height, style, materials, and color if a fence or partitions will be used as screening. See GUIDELINE No. 17- FENCING.


Your application will most likely be approved if it meets the following criteria:

  1. That particular attention is paid to the RHAC recommendations for deciduous or coniferous type plantings, whichever is more appropriate.
  2. Trees are not planted in a row in the form of a hedge or barrier.
  3. A variety of plant materials are used.
  4. Plant materials are clustered or staggered.
  5. The scale of screenings is considered.
  6. Opaque plantings of trees or shrubbery are not used along property lines as delineation or otherwise planted in a row.

NOTE: Landscape or fence screening may be required as part of, but not limited to, the following exterior alterations: antennas and satellite dishes, basketball units, clotheslines, compost piles, dog houses, driveways, vegetable gardens, heating and air conditioning units, hot tubs and whirlpools, lawn ornamentation, patios and walkways, play equipment, pools, sheds and storage units.