Guideline No. 28c – Ground Cover

Ground cover or groundcover is any plant that grows over an area of ground. Ground cover provides protection of the topsoil from erosion and drought.

Ground cover shall include only Maryland noninvasive ground cover as defined by the University of Maryland Extension Service that grows no taller than 6 inches in height at all times. Use of ground cover on a lot requires an Exterior Alteration Application for consideration by the RHAC.

Exterior Alteration Application Requirements
  • A design plan must be submitted to include a maximum of four types of plants to be used, growth and height at maturity. Approved ground covers are Crested Iris (Iris cristata), Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginianum), Partridgeberry (Mitchella repens), and Creeping Phlox or Sherwood Purple (Phlox stolonifera).
  • A description of materials and methods used to control the growth of ground cover to include the use of a physical barrier of 6-8 inches in depth or deeper than the root system of the ground cover.
  • A physical barrier must be installed at the property line.