Guideline No. 24 – Heating and Air Conditioning (Exterior)

An Exterior Alteration Application must be submitted for new exterior heating and air conditioning units including relocation of equipment and apparatus used with same.

Exterior Alteration Application Requirements

The application must include:

  • Diagrammed plot plan showing the location of the unit and related equipment. Note: Applications without a diagrammed plot plan will not be accepted.
  • Description of all equipment with dimensions.
  • Manufacturer’s drawing and/or photograph, if available.


Newly added units will most likely be approved if the following criteria are met:

  1. Units are screened from the street while allowing proper airflow. See GUIDELINE No.47—SCREENING.
  2. Units are located as close to the rear of the house as possible.
  3. Placement and or size will not create a substantial acoustical or visual impact on adjacent property owners and not violate the criteria established in the Final Development Plans (FDP) if the unit is being relocated.
  4. Units are not window or wall mounted air conditioners. These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.