Guideline No. 16 – Driveways

An Exterior Alteration Application must be submitted if there will be changes to the driveway. Changes include changing of materials, size, shape, or grade to the already approved existing driveway.

Application Requirements

The application must include:

  • Submit a site (plot) plan detailing the dimensions of the proposed driveway in relation to existing structures and property lines.

Note: Applications without a diagrammed plot plan will not be accepted.

  • Submit any proposed changes in grade and provide details (care must be taken in any drainage change).
  • Also include a description of material to be used, including color and texture.
  • Type of screening, if applicable.


Your application will most likely be approved if it meets the following criteria:

  1. Materials of all driveways in the vicinity have been considered.
  2. Asphalt is not used (except for exceptional circumstances such as flag lots).
  3. Driveways are not of loose material (e.g. crushed stone).
  4. Repairs are made with the same material as the existing driveway.
  5. Any necessary screening has been provided.

NOTE: Painting of the driveway is NOT ALLOWED. Maintenance, repair or replacement of all driveways is the responsibility of the owner or owners in the case of a flag lot or shared driveway. Screening may be required (See GUIDELINE No.47-SCREENING).

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