Guideline No. 15 – Dog Houses and Dog Runs

An Exterior Alteration Application must be submitted for all dog houses and dog runs. This includes any temporary or permanent structure for housing a dog or other animal that is  allowed by Howard County Newtown Zoned regulations and the River Hill Covenants.

Application Requirements

The application must include:

  • A site (plat) plan detailing the location of the proposed dog house and/or dog run.

Note: Applications without a diagramed plot plan will not be accepted.

  • Elevation drawings showing the pitch of the roof on the dog house.
  • The dimensions, materials, and color of the doghouse.
  • Details of proposed screening, if applicable.
  • A manufacturer’s drawing or photograph, if available.


The application will most likely be approved if the following criteria are met:

  1. The roofing material and color of the dog house roof are the same as the roof of the owner’s house.
  2. The sides of the dog house match the color of the owner’s house.
  3. The size of the dog house does not exceed 4 feet in any direction (height, length, width).
  4. The dog house will be located within 20 feet of the rear of the house, but not closer to any property line than one half the distances from the house to the property line.
  5. The dog house is located within the site lines of the house.
  6. The dog house is adequately screened from view of adjacent properties.
  7. Does not include a dog run.

NOTE: Maintenance of structures and surrounding areas is of prime importance! Waste must be removed daily. The impact of the dog house on neighboring properties will be considered. Dog runs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.