Guideline No. 12 – Condominium and Townhouse Exterior Alteration Application Procedure

An Exterior Alteration Application  is required for ALL exterior alterations.

It is important to maintain the original architectural character or theme of the condominium or townhouse community in which the dwelling is located. Any exterior alterations should not conflict with the original plan.

Individually Owned Property: Applications must be signed by the Association’s representative prior to submitting the application to the RHAC. Some homeowners’ associations have more restrictive Architectural Guidelines than those of the Village and those Guidelines must also be complied with (the more restrictive Guidelines shall apply). If you have questions, consult your Association’s Board of Directors; your property management company and/or the Village Covenant Advisor.

Common Property: Exterior Alteration Application must be signed by a member of the Condominium’s or Townhouse Association’s Board of Directors. If the work is to be done in stages, a master plan must be submitted.

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