Guideline No. 02 – Animal Control

Howard County law requires owners to pick up after their pets and dispose of waste material in a sanitary manner or face legal penalties. This applies to dogs AND cats, ON and OFF one’s property, which includes all open space and public lands. Howard County animal control laws state, “A domesticated animal is ‘at large’ when it is not on a leash and under the control of a responsible person.” All dogs in Howard County are required to be licensed. No wild, exotic, or “game” type animals shall be maintained on any residential lot. Complete copies of the animal control laws, and violation forms are available at the Village Office, or call Howard County Animal Control at (410) 313-2780. Citizens having animal problems may use these remedies:

  • Personally bring the problem to the attention of the animal owner.
  • Restrain the animal if found on your property and contact Animal Control for pick-up at (410) 313-2780.
  • Write or call Animal Control about the problem requesting action; and
  • File a Violation Affidavit. This is a formal, notarized statement describing the problem (dates, times, etc.) to be sent to:

Animal Control Division
3430 Court House Drive
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

  • As a last resort, citizens can take the offense directly to the Commissioner of the Howard County District Court by having a summons issued to the pet owner.