Growing People, Growing Community

In November 1969, in his speech “Planning For Transportation in Columbia,” James Rouse said of the plan and structure of Columbia, “We were planning for growth of people; growth in personality, growth in character, growth in creativity, growth in their freedom to develop their gifts, to explore their own endowment and potential, to be more fulfilled, to be more productive in society.” In the Village of River Hill we are fortunate to have so many residents  actively engaged in our community. Association volunteers are growing themselves while helping to grow and nurture our community. Without their  contributions, the Village of River Hill would not be what it is today and the future would not look nearly as bright.

Thanks to the Members of the Master Plan Committee (MPC) who worked tirelessly to develop the Community Plan to help guide the future of the River Hill Village Center. The plan was approved by the River Hill Board of Directors (RHBOD), has been filed with the County, and is available for review at Claret Hall or online at, then click on the red link. Since completing the plan, members of this committee have continued to be involved. On behalf of the Association, they have provided input on a variety of local development matters such as the  County’s MD 108 Design Guideline Initiative and the redevelopment of the River Hill Garden Center property. In 2013, to further focus on development impacting the Village, the RHBOD established the River Hill Garden Center and the Simpson Oaks advisory committees. Both committees are made up of residents who want to help shape the future of the Clarksville-River Hill community and their efforts are appreciated.

Upholding the architectural and maintenance covenants on the Village’s residential properties is a core responsibility of the Association. Our volunteers’ contributions on the Architectural and Resident Architectural Committees are essential to ensuring residents’ perspectives are maintained and there is appropriate oversight. The RHBOD has a history of responding when residents have an interest in a particular issue and want to get involved. The River Hill Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC) is a prime example of residents having a passion and putting their energy to use for the benefit of the entire community. River Hill was the first of Columbia’s village associations to establish its own WAC. In the short time that the Committee has been in place, they have undertaken a number of projects to improve our local water quality and to engage and educate residents.

We recognize that our residents are busy. Busy with work. Busy with children. Busy with other volunteer commitments. But, if you have an issue that you are passionate about that affects the community, want to be involved at a very local level, have an idea for a new event or program, or just have a concern that you want to work on, let the Association know. After all, the Annual River Hill Independence Day parade started 15 years ago as just one resident’s idea! Let us hear from you and help our community grow.

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