Funeral Home Update

Many residents in the Clarksville-River Hill area are concerned about the building of a large funeral home that is planned for MD 108, just south of the intersection with Guilford Road, that will use well water and septic. Due to community concerns about traffic, safety, and environmental quality, the Association’s Board of Directors has been monitoring the plan approval process and begun working actively with surrounding neighborhoods to arrive
at a solution.

In late October, representatives from the following local homeowner’s associations met with Senator Allan Kittleman and Delegate Guy Guzzone to identify a course of action: River Hill (Esti Schabelman, Vice Chair), Clarks Glen (Brian Snow, Secretary), Clarksville Overlook (Scott Erickson, President), Windy
Knolls (Sheila Bishoff, President). The communities of Walnut Grove, Clarks Glen North, and The Preserve have also expressed their concern about the location of the funeral home, and have been active participants in the quest for a solution.

At the meeting, Mr. Guzzone recommended an environmental impact study and the involvement of the State Attorney General’s office in order to advise the community on the legal (and possibly regulatory) options still available. Mr. Kittleman suggested mediation between all concerned parties and advocacy with the Maryland Department of the Environment to conduct an environmental impact survey, which was not performed prior to granting the funeral home zoning approval. Mr. Kittleman also advocated for a more transparent zoning process, free from external influence, and the need for future permitting for all zoning issues to be under a strict interpretation of the laws and regulations involved. Both gentlemen offered their assistance to the communities.

If you have any questions or comments about the meeting, the funeral home, or the history of the zoning process, please email or call 410-531-1749.

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