Free Soil Testing Kits Available at Claret Hall

In an effort to cut back on water pollution in Columbia, the Columbia Association’s (CA) Sustainability and Community Development Service Bureau is helping Columbia residents test their soil to analyze the nutrients in the soil and determine the amount of fertilizer they need. By not applying unneeded fertilizer, residents will save money and help protect Columbia’s streams, ponds and lakes. CA has partnered with the Columbia Villages,
Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts, Howard Soil Conservation District and the Keith Campbell Foundation to conduct the soil tests.

Soil sample bags are available at each Columbia village center. Residents can pick up a bag and return the sample to their local village center. CA will then send the samples to a lab for analysis. When the results return, CA will host brief workshops in the village centers with the University of Maryland Extension Service and the Howard Soil Conservation District to interpret the results. For more information, contact John McCoy.

Stop by Claret Hall now to pick up your free soil testing kit!

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