Architectural Committee Decisions

AC Decisions
March 8, 2023

6305 Last Sunbeam Place: Screened Porch, Deck, Landing
6404 Warm Sunshine Path: Roof Solar Panels
6406 Few Star Court: Playset
6506 Evening Company Circle: Sunroom
6501 Great Drum Circle: Roof Solar Panels

February 15, 2023
6392 Grateful Heart Gate: Tree Removals
6506 Evening Company Circle: Sunroom
6016 Winter Grain Path: Roof Solar Panels
6420 Morning Time Lane: Shed

Approved with Condition(s)
5907 Indian Summer Drive: Roof Solar Panels
7005 Best Times Path: Playset, Tree Removals

February 1, 2023
6437 Fairest Dream Lane: Trash Enclosure
6033 Winter Grain Path: Deck, Patio
7117 Waking Dreams Knoll: Screened Porch
6420 Morning Time Lane: Shed
6453 Quiet Night Ride: Handrail
6530 South Wind Circle: Fence: Gates and Left Side

7017 Garden Walk: Tree Removal
12133 Flowing Water Trail: Tree Removal