Erickson Living Retirement Community Update

Erickson Living Properties II, LLC has been moving forward this summer on plans to develop a continuing care retirement community on MD 108 in Clarksville. The proposal for Erickson Living at Limestone Valley includes 1,200 independent living units, 240 +/- care units, and various amenities on 60 acres of land located on the west side of Route 108 between the Freestate Service Station and Sheppard Lane. Erickson is requesting that the zoning of the affected properties be changed from Rural Conservation – Density Exchange Option (RC-DEO) to a Community Enhancement Floating District having a mix of residential and commercial uses (CEF– M). Erickson submitted the initial Development Concept Plan for Limestone Valley to the Department of Planning and Zoning (DPZ) in late July.
This initial plan is currently scheduled to be reviewed by the Zoning Board during their meeting on October 12. A copy of the initial submission is available online at The purpose of this October meeting is for the Zoning Board to review the initial concept plan, review DPZ’s preliminary evaluation, and to allow citizens and the Zoning Board to ask questions, raise concerns, and make suggestions regarding the initial CEF plan. This meeting must occur prior to Erickson formally filing an application for a CEF District.
For a CEF zone to be established, the property must be located within the planned service area for both public water and sewer. Currently, the proposed development is not within the planned service area. Therefore, for this project to proceed, legislative changes must occur. As of August 25, no legislation had been introduced. Additionally, DPZ was awaiting feedback from Howard County’s Office of Law to determine whether the zoning and general plan amendment processes can proceed simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the River Hill Community Association’s Traffic and Safety and Development Advisory committees are actively reviewing the initial concept plan and will assist the Board of Directors in forming its position(s) regarding the Erickson Living proposal.
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