Enjoy a Spooky and Safe Halloween This Year

As the air becomes crisper, the leaves start falling, and stores begin filling their shelves with candy, Howard County
residents are reminded that we are still combatting deadly pandemic. As Halloween slowly approaches, begin planning now to ensure all festivities are done safely. In coordination with the Howard County Health Department, Howard County Government has put together important guidance to help keep our children and communities safe.

The Howard County Health Department is recommending the following best practices for Halloween festivities and fall seasonal celebrations:

• Avoid large gatherings, parties, and events.
• Door-to-door trick or treating is not encouraged, but
if done, should be done in household groups, keeping
physical distance between other groups and using flashlights
or glowsticks so walkers can be easily seen.
• Treats are encouraged to be left outside.
• Trick-or-treaters should wash hands (or use sanitizer)
between homes and after touching surfaces and objects.
• Facial covering should be worn even if wearing a costume
• Indoor activities are riskier than outdoor activities (indoor
activities should be avoided).
• Pumpkin patch and hayrides should be conducted in
small groups and non-family members should be physically
• Indoor haunted houses, where it may be difficult to
maintain physical distancing and enforce other mitigation
strategies, should be restricted.

This year is a time for creativity not just with costumes,
but in how to celebrate safely.

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