Elections Procedures Review Committee Work Continues

This is a test. Which of the statements below are True and which are False?
• Your eighteen-year-old can vote in the Village of River Hill elections.
• Renters living in the Village of River Hill can vote for the members of the Board of Directors.
• Village of River Hill property owners that don’t reside in the Village are allowed to vote in Village Elections.
• Only two members of the River Hill Community Association Board of Directors must be members of the Village.
Are you stumped? You’re probably like most other residents in River Hill that aren’t sure of the answers. This means it’s time to become informed! After all, this is your community association, and you should have input and
knowledge about its processes and rules.

Last October, the River Hill Community Association Board of Directors appointed a committee to study these questions and other concerns about the current election procedures and guidelines. Led by Board member Janet Munro and assisted by Village residents Richard Thomas and B. Aletta Nonyane, this committee produced a briefing package presented to the Board of Directors at their December 14 meeting. The Power Point presentation can be accessed at www.villageofriverhill.org/briefing-package-from-board-of-directors-dec-14-work-session. The answers to the questions found at the beginning of this article are contained in the presentation.

The Board of Directors has requested that the committee seek legal opinions on issues involving the Charter and Bylaws and begin the process of updating the election procedures for the upcoming Village Elections to be held in April 2022. Interested residents should plan to listen to the Special Meeting of the Board of Directors and the Elections Procedures Review Committee. The meeting is scheduled to be held virtually on January 18. Sign up for the Village email blasts at www.villageofriverhill.org or text CLARETHALL to 22828 to receive a meeting link for this and the regularly scheduled February 7 Board meeting when approval is expected on these issues.

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