Election Committee Forming

The River Hill Community Association’s Annual Meeting and elections for the Board of Directors will take place on April 20, 2024. We are currently seeking residents to serve on the Election Committee. This is a short-term commitment which begins in January and ends following the acceptance of the election results. The committee is responsible for establishing the rules and regulations necessary to conduct an orderly election, organizing a Candidates’ Forum when there is a contested election, and helping on election day. In 2024, it is expected that the use of absentee ballots will be emphasized, and the committee will be instrumental in overseeing any related changes in the voting process. Members of the association eligible to vote in the next election are eligible to serve on the committee. However, members of the Election Committee may not be a candidate for association office or actively campaign for or against any candidate.

The Board of Directors will appoint the committee chairperson and members in December. Residents interested in volunteering should contact the Village Manager at manager@villageofriverhill.org or 410-531-1749.