Despite Warnings, Garage Doors Remain Open

Residents beware, despite repeated warnings, you are providing an open invitation to unwanted thefts by leaving garage doors open. Community Resource Officer Terrence Benn drove through the Village of River Hill during daytime hours on July 8 and observed 40 open garage doors with no residents in sight! This leaves the items in your garage open to theft. Combine this with the fact that many homeowners do not lock their doors leading from the garage to the house and there are even more opportunities for theft.

Remember, close and lock your garage doors when you are not able to visually observe them. Don’t go around to the back of the house to do yard work or other tasks without closing them first. It only takes a minute or two for someone to run in and grab a bike or other valuables. Teach your children to close and lock the doors when they are done playing or getting ready to head out. If you notice your neighbor’s garage door is open and they aren’t visible, take the time to ring their doorbell or give them a call. If no one is home, close the door and follow-up with them to let them know. All it takes is the opportunity for a crime to occur.

As he toured the community, Officer Benn stopped to speak with as many homeowners as he could about this issue. Residents appreciated his proactive approach and we need to continue to do our part to deter unwanted criminal activity. Officer Benn will be back in the village on August 26. He is available to meet with residents at Claret Hall and will be patrolling the neighborhoods. If you are interested in setting up a time to meet with him, please email him at

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