Curbside Bulk Item Collection Returns

Bulk Plastic Items – Collected Now!
Bulk plastic items such as playhouses & play sets, totes, sheds, lawn furniture and coolers can be recycled. Place these items at the curb on your regular recycling day. Unlimited amounts of recycling will be accepted.

Bulk Trash Items – Starting August 2011
Collections must be scheduled. Starting August 2011, residents may call 410-313-6444 to schedule a collection. Large trash items (individual items which do not fit in trash cans) such as mattresses, box springs, chairs, sofas, dressers and tables will be collected. Place these items at the curb on your regular trash day. Maximum of 4 large trash items will be collected per pick-up. Items must be able to be lifted by two collection crew members (larger items will be tagged and left for the resident’s disposal).

Bulk Metal Items – Starting October 2011
Collections must be scheduled. Starting October 2011, residents may call 410-313-6444 to schedule a collection. Bulk metal items include metal swing sets, file cabinets, appliances, lawn mowers, exercise equipment, etc. Please remove doors from refrigerators, and drain oil and gas from lawn mowers. NOTE: It is illegal for anyone except Howard County’s contractors to pick-up scrap metal at the curb (Howard County Code 18.610)

The Following Items Will Not Be Accepted:
Chairs with electric plugs
Compressed gas tanks
Computer monitors*
Construction & demolition debris
Dead animals
Drum containers
Fuel & oil tanks Firearms
Household hazardous waste
(poisons, acids, caustics)
Liquids including paint, oil, etc
Medical Waste
Mirrors/plate glass
Sofa beds
Stumps and logs
Electronics should be recycled at the Alpha Ridge Landfill or through customer take-back programs. Visit for specific locations.

Yardwaste Collection
Why use paper bags or reusable containers? To be more eco-friendly!
Paper bags decompose naturally with yardwaste.
Paper bags do not require the extra steps to remove plastic pieces from compost.
Paper bags hold the same as plastic bags, but won’t puncture as easily.
Paper bags stay open for easier filling.
Paper bags contain a component that resists water absorption.
Yardwaste paper bags are available at the following locations: (Including but not limited to)
BJ’s, Clark’s Ace Hardware, Safeway, Lowe’s, Kendall’s Hardware, Giant, Home Depot, Zimmerman’s Ace Home Center,, and Howard County Environmental Services 410-313-6444.

The Following are ACCEPTED for Collection:
Hedge clippings
Light brush
Dry seed pods
Small limbs or branches (less than 4” in diameter and 4’ in length)

The Following are NOT ACCEPTED for Collection:
Plastic pots or trays
Lumber or pressure treated wood
Food waste (fruits, vegetables, etc.)
Bushes with attached roots
Man-made or miscellaneous material (plastic, wire, glass, pottery, stones, rocks, dirt, sod etc.)


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