Cul-de-sac Beautification Grants

If you are tired of looking at your unadorned cul-de-sac and are inspired, the Association has an opportunity to beautify your cul-de-sac and have fun with your neighbors at the same time. Apply for a Cul-de-sac Beatification Grant! The purpose of this program is to improve the streetscape, reduce maintenance responsibilities of the surrounding homeowners and to encourage neighborhood cooperation and community spirit. The Association has two, $200 grants available this year. Start planning now for the fall planting season. To qualify, submit: a Cul-de-sac Beatification Grant form, a before photograph, a petition with signatures
of the residents surrounding the cul-de-sac (80%), a plan showing the proposed modifications including size and spacing information, and a list of plant material and other items to be used.

Applications will be reviewed by the Covenant Advisor, Evamarie Lambright, and if approved will be forwarded to Howard County Department of Public Works for review and final approval. The process can take from four to six weeks. The contact person will be notified by phone and in writing when the project is approved. The plan must be approved before the work begins. You can pick up an application at Claret Hall or download a CUL-DE-SAC BEAUTIFICATION GRANT APPLICATION.

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