RAC Applications &  AC Decisions

The table below contains all applications by property address, starting at the most recent applications which have not yet been reviewed, and going back through all decisions made this year. The date column tells you when the decision will be or was made.

Once an application has been reviewed, the far right column will be contain the decision. Decisions made before 2016 are available at the office or in past newsletters.

The most recent decisions are at the bottom of the list.

6101 Swift Current WayMaterial Change:Deck, Gutters, Downspouts, DoorApproved with Condition
6304 Enchanted Key GateGeneratorFast TrackApproved
6414 Onward TrailRetaining Wall, Walkway, Patio, LandscapingApproved with Condition
12168 Linden Linthicum LaneTree AdditionsApproved with Condition
6533 Autumn Wind CircleDeckApproved
12037 Distant Thunder TrailWalkwayApproved

6517 Evensong MewsFenceApproved
6518 Evening Company CircleSolar PanelsApproved
6151 Daylong CircleGutters, DownspoutsApproved with Condition
6337 Daring Prince WayColor Change: Front, ShuttersApproved
6506 Barley Corn RowWalkway, PatioApproved
5940 Gentle CallLandscapingApproved
7099 Garden WalkFenceApproved with Condition
12188 Linden Linthicum LaneTree RemovalsApproved with Condition
6581 River RunSolar PanelsApproved
12133 Shining Stars LanePorticoApproved with Condition
12160 Linden Linthicum LaneMaterial Change:DeckApproved with Condition
6460 South Wind CirclePatioApproved with Conditon
6151 Daylong CircleConcrete Pad, Fence, Dehumidifier Approved
6448 River RunLawn OrnamentationApproved
6201 Lilac Bush LaneTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6151 Day Long CircleSignageApproved
5820 White Pebble pathDeck, Patio, Steps, Stones( under deck)Approved
6106 White Marble CourtPatioApproved
6441 Mellow Wine WaySolar PanelsApproved
6001 Countless Stars RunSolar PanelsApproved
6044 Ascending Moon PathDeck, Hot Tub Deck: Material ChangeApproved with Condition
6510 River RunTree RemovalsApproved
6326 Nodding Night CoourtFront Stoop, Walkway, LandscpeApproved
6401 South Wind CircleDeck, Deck: Material ChangeApproved
6408 Empty Song RoadTree RemovalApproved with Condition
6508 Ranging Hills GateSkylightsApproved
6440 River RunWalkway, LandscapingApproved
12168 Linden Linthicum LaneTree AdditionApproved
6433 Empty Song RoadColor Change: Front DoorDisapproved
6028 Winter Grain PathWalkway, LandscapeApproved

6404 Mellow Wine WayLandscapeApproved
6508 Folded Leaf SquareDeck: Material ChangeApproved
5832 Wild Orange GateFront DoorApproved
6404 Summer Sunrise DriveRetaining WalllsApproved
12121 Hidden Waters WayDeck, ShedApproved with Condition
12213 Summer Sky PathPatioApproved
6124 Rippling Water WalkTree RemovalApproved
5709 Little Bells RowGeneratorApproved
5709 Little Bells RowColor Change: Front DoorFAST TRACKApproved
5825 Wild Orange GatePatio, Retaining WallApproved
6341 Daring Prince WayFront DoorApproved
7013 Best Times PathTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6409 Quiet Night RideTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6056 Ascending Moon PathFence, Tree RemovalsApproved
6585 River RunHot TubApproved
6012 Ascending Moon PathPlay Equipment, ShedApproved
6621 Towering Oak PathTree RemovalsApproved
6524 Radiant Gleam WayTree RemovalApproved
6504 Evening Shadows CourtPatio, Step, Landing, Tree RemovalsApproved
5909 Tall Branches PathFront Porch:Material ChangeApproved
6511 River RunDeck: Material ChangeFAST TRACKApproved
6301 Velvet PathSunroomApproved with Condition
7078 Garden WalkTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6444 South Wind CircleTree AdditonApproved with Condition
6308 Angel Rose CourtDeck: Material ChangeDeck: Color ChangeFAST TRACKApproved
6443 Western Star RunDeck, Fence, Patio DoorApproved
6415 Western Star RunTree RemovalApproved
7004 Golden Seeds RowFront Door, Walkway, Railing, StepApproved with Condition
6522 South Wind CircleTree RemovalsApproved
6508 Ranging Hills GateColor Change: Shutters, Trim, Doors, Front Door, Deck PatioApproved
6512 Ranging Hills GatePatioApproved
6521 Waving Tree CourtRetaining WallsApproved with Condition
6413 Liquid Laughter LaneTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6429 Quiet Night Ride Tree RemovalsApproved
6562 River RunRain BarrelApproved
6519 Barley Corn RowPlay EquipmentApproved
5800 White Pebble PathAdditon, PatioApproved
6309 Morning Time LaneDrainage, WalkwayApproved
5716 Whistling Winds WalkAddition, Screened Porch, WalkwayApproved with Condition
6000 Winter Grain PathTree RemovalsApproved
6433 Empty Song RoadPatio, Landscape, Drainage, Tree RemovalApproved
6405 River RunColor Changes: Roof, Front Door, ShuttersFAST TRACKApproved
6405 Empty Song RoadColor Change: SidingFAST TRACKApproved
6453 Quiet Night RideSolar PanelsApproved
6100 Eternal Ocean PlaceExterior Motion LightingFAST TRACKApproved
12236 Summer Sky PathFence:StainFAST TRACKApproved
5913 Bright Flow MewsFence, Tree RemovalApproved with Condition
5892 Indian Summer DriveDeck, Screened Porch, PatioApproved with Condition
6381 Morning Time LaneDeckApproved with Condition
5919 Gentle CallTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6408 Empty Song RoadFenceDisapproved
6500 Ranging Hills GateTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6308 Silvery Star PathRain GardenApproved with Condition
6509 Ocean Shore LaneRain GardenApproved with Condition
6009 Pure Sky PathTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6321 Morning Time LaneTree Removal FAST TRACKApproved
5753 Whistling Winds WalkDeck:StainFAST TRACKApproved
6308 Mellow Twilight CourtDeck, Screened Porch, StepsApproved
6504 Early Lily RowDeckApproved
6401 Phantom Moon WalkTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6035 Red Clover LaneTree RemovalsApproved with Condition
6232 Waving Willow PathColor Change: ShuttersFAST TRACKApproved
12016 Floating Clouds PathGarden:RockApproved with Condition
6429 Empty Song RoadTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6306 Nodding Night CourtDeck:StainFAST TRACKApproved
6414 Liquid Laughter LaneTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
7112 Morning Light TrailSolar PanelsApproved
6104 Rippling Tids TerracePatio, LandscapingApproved
6428 Quiet Night RideTree RemovalsApproved
6601 Rising Waves WayWalkwayApproved
6527 South Wind CircleRain GardenApproved with Condition
6509 Folded Leaf SquarePlay SetApproved
5909 Gentle CallDriveway ExpansionApproved with Condition
6500 Tender Mist MewsTree RemovalsApproved
6521 Waving Tree CourtTree RemovalsApproved with Condition
6124 Rippling Tides TerraceShed, Driveway ExpansionDisapproved
12101 Early Lilacs PlaceColor Change:DoorFAST TRACKApproved
6540 Autumn Wind CircleGeneratorFAST TRACKApproved
6321 Velvet PathPatio, Generator, Fire PitApproved
12132 Sunlit Water WayPatio, Trellis, Retaining Wall, Fire Pit, Vegetable GardenApproved
6400 River RunSolar PanelsApproved
6401 Enchanted Solitude PlaceWindowFAST TRACKApproved
6312 Morning Time LanePatio DoorFAST TRACKApproved
6440 Morning Time LaneRoofFAST TRACKDisapproved
6600 Forest Shade TrailTree RemovalsApproved
6503 Barley Corn RowRailing, Front StepsApproved with Condition
6620 Rising Waves WayColor Change: Front DoorFAST TRACKApproved
5717 Whistling Winds WalkExterior LightingFAST TRACKApproved
6401 River RunScreened Porch, Deck Approved
6117 Eternal Ocean PlaceShedApproved
6384 Grateful Heart GateSolar PanelsApproved
6428 Grateful Heart GateDeckApproved
6429 Fairest Dream LaneTree RemovalsApproved
6309 Morning Time LaneRain GardenApproved
5833 Wild Orange GateTree RemovalsApproved with Condition
6024 Ascending Moon PathFence, Tree RemovalsApproved
6306 Nodding Night CourtFenceApproved
5936 Gentle CallDeck :StainFAST TRACKApproved
6452 South Wind CircleDeck, Patio: Material Change, WalkwayApproved
12188 Flowing Water TrailWalkway, Patio, Shed, Exterior LightingApproved
6601 Autumn Wind CircleDeck: Material ChangeFAST TRACKApproved
5934 Fall Moon RideDeck, Extension; Deck: Material ChangeAppproved
6417 Empty Song RoadPatio, Retaining Wall, Tree RemovalApproved
7070 Garden WalkTree Removals, Basketball EquipmentApproved
6412 Enchanted Solitude PlaceSolar PanelsApproved
5856 Indian Summer DriveFenceApproved
6628 Towering Oak PathColor Change: RoofFAST TRACKApproved
6417 Onward TrailWalkway, Lighting, LandscapingApproved
6409 Liquid Laughter LaneShedDisapproved
6315 Victorious Song LaneFront Steps, Landing, WalkwayApproved
6417 River RunTree RemovalsApproved
6313 Morning Time LaneRain GardenApproved
6524 Radiant Gleam WayWindow AdditionApproved
6413 Autumn Sky WayTree RemovalsApproved
5736 Whistling Winds WalkDeck: Material ChangeFAST TRACKApproved with Condition
6309 Enchanted Key GateFenceApproved with Condition
12117 Hidden Waters WayTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6624 Rising Waves WayTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6437 Onward TrailDrainage, Tree Removal, Retaining WallApproved with Condition
12125 Flowing Water TrailPatio, Retaining Wall, Fire Pit, Steps, FanApproved
6316 Morning Time LaneColor Change: Roof
Style Change: Garage Door
7104 Morning Light TrailTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6517 Evening Company CircleTree Removal FAST TRACKApproved
6012 Ascending Moon Tree RemovalApproved with Condition
6040 Ascending Moon Play Set, PlatformApproved
5808 Indian Summer DriveWalkway, Front Porch, ShedApproved
7091 Garden WalkLandscapeApproved with Condition
6313 Morning Time LaneColor Change :Roof, House & DeckFAST TRACKApproved
6524 Hazel ThicketTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
7013 Jeweled Hand CircleFenceApproved with Condition
12245 Summer Sky PathSolar Panels: RoofApproved
7004 Jeweled Hand CircleShedApproved
6438 Onward TrailDeck: StainFAST TRACKApproved
12245 Summer Sky PathPatioApproved
6029 Winter Grain PathTree Removal & Tree ReplacementFAST TRACKApproved
6448 River Run SingageFAST TRACKApproved with Condition
5816 Indian Summer DriveTree RemovalFAST TRACK

6451 South Wind CirclePatio, River RockApproved
6428 Grateful Heart GateTree RemovalsApproved
6522 River RunTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6512 Great Drum CircleColor Change: Front DoorFAST TRACKApproved
6409 Mellow Wine WayRestyle DeckApproved with Condition
5704 Whistling Winds WalkLandscape: Front LawnDisapproved
7005 Golden Seeds RowRemove and Replace TreesApproved with Condition
6401 Old Romance RowDeck, Pergola, Exterior LightingApproved with Condition
6461 Onward TrailTree RemovalsApproved
6400 Reedy Song KnollColor Changes: Shutter, Front Door, TrimApproved
7152 Morning Light TrailTrampolinePending
5905 Bright Flow MewsDeckApproved
6527 Barley Corn RowDeck: Material ChangeApproved
6004 Pure Sky Place Tree removalFAST TRACKApproved
6520 Ocean Shore LaneCA Rain GardenApproved
6308 Angel Rose CourtTree Removals, TrampolineApproved
6414 Few Star CourtTree Removal, Tree ReplantApproved
5809 Silent Sun PlacePortico, Color Change: Siding and RoofApproved
6405 Old Romance RowColor Change: Front DoorFAST TRACKApproved
6521 Waving Tree CourtCA Rain GardenApproved
5773 Whistling Winds WalkFront Door, Storm DoorApproved
7104 Morning Light TrailGarage DoorFAST TRACKApproved
6540 Autumn Wind CircleTree AdditionsApproved
6490 Trotter RoadTree Relocation, Tree RemovalApproved with Condition
6032 Winter Grain PathTree Removal and ReplacementFAST TRACKApproved
6440 Mellow Wine WayTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
12121 Hidden Waters WayShedApproved
6414 Few Star CourtTree Removals, Tree AdditionApproved
5809 Silent Sun PlacePortico, Color Change:Front DoorApproved
7017 Garden WalkGarage DoorFAST TRACKApproved
6045 Blue Point CourtSteps, Patio, Deck StainApproved
6517 Waving Tree CourtSolar PanelsApproved
6108 Swift Current WayColor Change: RoofFAST TRACKApproved
6495 River RunPatio, Fire Pit, Retaining Wall, LandscapingApproved
6028 Ascending Moon PathTree RemovalsApproved
6329 Golden Star PalaceTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6417 River RunWalkway, Area under DeckDisapproved
7125 Morning Light TrailColor Change: Front DoorFAST TRACKApproved
6348 Morning Time LaneRain GardenApproved
6317 Morning Time LaneRain GardenApproved
6204 Lilac Bush LaneTree RemovalsApproved with Condition
6527 Barley Corn RowGarage DoorFAST TRACKApproved
6612 Forest Shade TrailTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6562 Autumn Wind CircleMaterial Change: Deck, Tree Removal and Replace, Under Deck TrellisApproved
6033 Ascending Moon PathScreened Porch, Patio, Stones under Dec, Material Change:DeckApproved
5936 Fall Moon RideTree RemovalsApproved
6401 Old Romance RoadMaterial Change: SidingDisapproved
6300 Enchanted Key GateRain GardenApproved
6304 Enchanted Key GateSitting Wall, Retaining Walls, Fireplace, ScreeningApproved
6405 Summer Sunrise DrivePlay SetApproved
6425 River RunRain GardenApproved
5828 Wild Orange GateWalkwayApproved
7099 Garden WalkRain GardenApproved
6300 Mellow TwilightTree RemovalsApproved
6325 Morning Time LaneFence:PicketApproved
6464 Sundown TrailPool: Part 1Approved with Condition
7121 Morning Light TrailColor Change:Door
Material Change: Landing, Steps
7157 Morning Light TrailBasement Walkout
6440 River RunDeck: Material ChangeFAST TRACKApproved
6425 Quiet Night RideTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6341 Morning Time LaneTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
6401 Sundown TrailTree RemovalsApproved with Condition
6308 Enchanted Key GateRain GardenApproved
6400 Ripe Apple LaneTree RemovalsApproved
6020 Ascending Moon PathTree RemovalsApproved
6017 Ascending Moon PathTree RemovalsApproved
12109 Early Lilacs PathExterior LightsApproved
6437 Fairest Dream LaneTree Removal
Tree Replacement
6309 Silvery Star PathRain GardenApproved
6013 Ascending Moon PathTree RemovalApproved
12236 Summer Sky PathShed Location
6613 Rising Waves WayRain GardenApproved
6417 River RunFenceApproved
12109 Early Lilacs PathExterior Home SecurityApproved
6304 Angel Rose CourtDriveway Approved
12168 Linden Linthicum LaneDeck: Material Change; Style ChangeFAST TRACKApproved
6400 Empty Song RoadTree Removals
6612 Rising Waves WayShedDisapproved
6407 Morning Time LaneSolar PanelsApproved
6464 Sundown TrailPool Part 2Approved with Condition

7005 Golden Seeds RowRestyleApproved
6401 Enchanted Solitude Rain GardenApproved
6404 Summer SunriseRain GardenApproved
6100 Rippling Water TerraceTree RemovalsApproved
6525 Radiant Gleam WayTree RemovalsApproved
6417 Summer Sunrise DriveTree RemovalsApproved
6348 Daring Prince WayDrivewayApproved
6512 Early Lily RowTree RemovalFAST TRACKApproved
5713 Little Bells RowDeck: Material ChangeFAST TRACK
12009 Floating Clouds PathGarage DoorFAST TRACK
7112 Waking Dreams KnollDeck
6316 Morning Time LaneFront Door: Color ChangeFAST TRACK
6593 Autumn Wind CircleTree Removals
12149 Flowing Water TrailPatio, Tree Removals
6365 Morning Time LaneRain Garden
6400 Ripe Apple LaneTree Removals
6020 Ascending Moon PathTree Removals
6017 Ascending Moon PathTree Removal
12109 Early Lilacs PathExterior LightingFAST TRACK
6437 Fairest Dream LaneTree Removal, Tree Replacement
6309 Silvery Star PathRain Garden