County Council to Consider Streetscape Plan and Design Guidelines Legislation

sidewalkimage1If you missed the Community Open House on October 21, the final draft of the Clarksville Pike Streetscape Plan and Design Guidelines is now available for review on the county’s website at This project, which began in 2013, was initiated to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations intended to serve as a guide for future design and development along the MD 108 corridor in Clarksville. Based on significant community and stakeholder input, the document outlines specific criteria for streetscape, architectural, and signage design. These criteria have been developed to fulfill the vision of a safe, aesthetically pleasing corridor that encourages pedestrian activity, is bike friendly, incorporates environmental sustainability features, and has its own, distinctive “sense of place.”
The plan establishes a framework for long-term streetscape improvements including: new sidewalks, a shared-use pathway along the western edge, crosswalks, street trees, landscaping, and consistent furnishings e.g. benches, trash receptacles, in public areas. The architectural design guidelines address building form and outline appropriate materials and elements that will help to create a cohesive architectural identity for the corridor. The signage guidelines addresses both signs for individual buildings and businesses as well as community identification signage e.g., wayfinding signs, directories, and banners, for the entire corridor.
The next step in the process is for the County Council to adopt legislation (Council Bill 51-2015) that will provide for the Howard County Design Advisory Panel’s (DAP) review of future development and re-development projects along MD 108 in the Trotter Road – Guilford Road corridor. Additionally, adoption of this legislative change will ensure that the DAP’s review and design advice will be consistent with the design requirements and recommendations of the Clarksville Streetscape Plan and Design Guidelines. The County Council will consider Council Bill 51-2015 during the legislative public hearing on November 16. Any person who desires may testify at the public hearing or submit written testimony. Visit for more information and a link to CB 51-2015.

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  1. Tom Mateya
    Tom Mateya says:

    this is a new post.

    I tried to use the link to Howard County DPZ but I could locate any current plans that were referenced.

    Please let me know where to review plans and schedules. I am a Landscape Architect and have lived in River Hill for 26 years.

    I have been to earlier presentations and I am very interested in the Clarksville Pike Streetscape Plan.

    Thank you

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