Council Corner: Welcome Mr. MacInnes

I would like to take the opportunity to use this column to welcome Mr. Shawn MacInnes to Columbia. As reported in the previous issue of The Villager, Mr. MacInnes will become the next President/CEO of the Columbia Association starting on June 17. He brings an extensive level of municipal government experience, and his prior position was serving as the town administrator for Dartmouth,Massachusetts. While CA focuses primarily on parks and recreation, towns in New England are generally also responsible for education, police, fire, and public works. I look forward to working with him when he starts at the helm of CA, and I would also like to thank Mr. Dennis Mattey for his service as interim President/CEO over the last year and a half.

With both a new CEO and a new Board that was seated this past May, there is an opportunity to implement new ideas and create positive changes for the Columbia Association. The first step will be to update the Strategic Plan, a process which was started by the previous Board last year. One of the key topics I would like to see in the next Strategic Plan, is for CA to provide greater value for residents. First, I want to look into ways to reduce resident costs including the annual charge as well as resident membership fees for use of the pools and other recreational facilities. With his expertise in budgets, finance, and operational efficiency, I believe that Mr. MacInnes will be able to work with the Board to identify solutions and help make the Columbia Association more affordable for residents.

Second, I would like to see CA have a greater focus on enhancing the amenities and programming across all of the villages. As I wrote in my previous article, the Board recently adopted a new policy for updating play areas in the future. We look to Mr. MacInnes’ leadership to steer CA’s implementation and execution of the new policy so that CA’s play areas are enjoyed by a greater cross section of the community.

What new changes do you want CA to consider? Submit your ideas to the Board via email or bring them in person at resident speak out during board meetings. I always enjoy hearing from residents, and the Board does listen to the community.

Eric Greenberg is the River Hill Representative to Columbia Council and the CA Board of Directors.


Disclaimer: This column reflects the views of Eric Greenberg only and not those of the CA Board or the River Hill Board of Directors.