Community Town Hall Meeting to Address Noisy, Speeding Cars

Over the past several months, there has been an increase in complaint calls made to the Village office about the noticeable increase in loud and/or speeding vehicles in the area. Prior to the pandemic, the sights and sounds of summer included the croaking of frogs, the singing of birds, and the chirping of crickets. However, life in the Village of River Hill and Howard County has changed over the course of the pandemic. Now the sights and sounds of summer include cars with modified engines and exhaust systems racing through the neighborhood streets. As one neighbor stated, “I’m just tired of the noise.” Another resident said, “Just the sounds. Just the heightened fear and anxiety when you hear high-pitched noises.”

The Clean Air Act Title IV validates residents’ concerns. “Noise pollution affects the lives of millions of people. Studies have shown that there are direct links between noise and health.”

The River Hill Community Association will be hosting a town hall on Monday, August 8 at 7 p.m. with elected officials and representatives from the Howard County Police Department to better determine next steps in curtailing this problem. Topics to be covered are the allowance of the use of speed cameras 24 hours a day, every day, and increasing the fines for illegally modified mufflers and exhaust systems. Additional information regarding the agenda and panel of guests is available below. If you are not already subscribed to the Association’s e-news blasts, sign up by texting CLARETHALL TO 22828.