Community Safety Updates

The River Hill Community Association strives to maintain the quality of life for residents in our Village. Community safety is a key aspect of what residents desire and expect. The Neighborhood Watch program is one element of the Association’s efforts to be proactive and we are seeking to expand this program. If your street already has a Block Captain, then you are likely aware of the benefits. If your street does not have a Block Captain, then we encourage someone to step forward to volunteer to be the Association’s point of contact and to help us disseminate information to your neighbors in a timely fashion. The Association will hold a Neighborhood Watch meeting on Monday, November 29 for current Block Captains and for residents interested in joining the program. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at Claret Hall. For more information, contact the Village Manager at 410-531-1749 or

On October 1, the Association was informed that the Howard County police are offering a reward for information about five cases of vandalism in the Pointers Run neighborhood that occurred in August and September. Police are asking the public’s help in identifying the suspect(s) who committed the destruction of property. Residences on Early Lily Row, Old Romance Row and Folded Leaf Square were spray painted with the words “Live” and “Save.” Anyone with information is asked to call police. Call 410-313-STOP. Callers may remain anonymous.

In addition, if you see graffiti in our community, please take the following steps:

• REPORT – If you observe graffiti in your community, please REPORT it to police immediately by calling the non‐emergency line at 410-313-2200. If you observe vandalism in progress, call 911. In addition, please also notify the River Hill Community Association at 410-531-1749 or
• RECORD – The police will then RECORD the graffiti by documenting it and taking photos.
• REMOVE – After police have documented and photographed the graffiti, police will ask the property owner to REMOVE the graffiti within 24 hours. Removing the graffiti quickly and completely often stops vandals because they do not receive attention or recognition. If the graffiti has occurred in CA Open Space or utility boxes, the Association will assist in facilitating removal.
Graffiti incidents tend to increase in areas where it is not quickly
addressed. Remember that prompt removal after police have documented the graffiti is essential. If you have questions, please contact Ofc. Terrence Benn, Southern District Community Resource Officer at or 410‐313‐3700.

Burglary & Theft Prevention Home Security Surveys
A home security survey from Howard County police can provide you, your family and your valuables with an appropriate level of protection to reduce the odds of burglary and theft. The survey is simple, free and can be scheduled at your convenience. Officers perform a detailed security analysis of your home and provide you with a list of recommendations. An integral part of the survey is an assessment of your personal safety habits while in the home or in your yard. To take advantage of this free service, call 410-313-4795 and leave a message. For more information, call 410-313-3758.

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