Clarksville-River Hill Route 108 Design Guidelines Update

The County is working with Design Collective, Inc., a local design firm with expertise in crafting design guidelines, and has begun gathering  information for the project. The County is also working with Sabra Wang, a local traffic consultant, to develop a “complete street” road section for Route 108. The goal is to create an integrated plan for the road right-of-way including road, bicycle and sidewalk improvements in conjunction with design recommendations for buildings that front directly on or are located immediately adjacent to the Route 108 corridor.

County staff will work with community members to identify what is valued by the community, both aesthetically and in terms of mobility. The ultimate design goal is to determine how the Route 108 corridor could best represent the unique character of the commercial area that both Clarksville and the Village of River Hill in Columbia share. A community meeting to launch the public process is anticipated in the beginning of the new year.

For more information on the Clarksville-River Hill Route 108 Design Guidelines project, please contact Bill Mackey at or at 410-313-4321.

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