Clarksville Retirement Community Proposed

On Thursday, June 15, 2017, Erickson Living hosted a community discussion regarding its proposal to locate a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Clarksville. Limestone Valley, the proposed CCRC community, is intended to be located on the west side of Route 108 (Clarksville Pike) near Route 32, between the Freestate Gas and Sheppard Lane and will contain approximately 60 acres of land on two parcels (Tax Map 34, PAR  185 and a portion of Tax Map 28, PAR 100).  Erickson Living has over 30 years of experience creating and operating senior communities and is headquartered in Catonsville, MD. Local Erickson communities are Riderwood in Silver Spring, Charlestown in Catonsville, and Oak Crest in Parkville.

The concept presented by Erickson Living for Limestone Valley includes 1,200 independent living units in multiple, 3- to 4- story buildings as well as 200-250 rooms to accommodate residents with assisted, memory, and nursing care needs. A variety of on-site amenities are planned, including: walking trails, community garden plots, indoor pool, fitness centers, library, and a variety of resident dining options. Garage parking will be provided internal to each building and a shuttle bus system will enable residents to access local destinations easily. In Erickson’s experience, the average age of residents in similar communities is 80 years old. With Howard County expected to add 1,124 residents over age 75 per year for the next 18 years[1], Erickson Living sees a need and a market for this type of senior housing.

What does this proposal mean for Clarksville and the residents living in the Village of River Hill? A primary concern is the additional traffic that will be generated. As River Hill residents know from experience, MD 108 routinely backs up during peak hours, Great Star Drive is used as a cut-through by drivers avoiding westbound MD 32 during the evening rush hour, the intersection at Linden Linthicum Lane and MD 108 is problematic, and there are a variety of vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle safety concerns in Clarksville’s commercial zone. Erickson Living has hired The Traffic Group to evaluate existing conditions and propose solutions. The concept shared at the community meeting in June included: a main entrance on MD 108; the installation of a traffic signal at Linden Linthicum Lane; the extension of Linden Linthicum Lane across MD 108 to create a secondary access point into the community; extending the existing 5 lane section on MD 108 to Sheppard Lane, upgrades to the Sheppard Lane intersection; and an 8 – 10 foot wide multi-use pathway along MD 108. Erickson is considering a number of comments made at the community presentation, including the realignment of Sheppard Lane, and welcomes additional citizen input on all aspects of the project.

For the project to move forward, the County must approve two major changes: the properties must be re-zoned to allow the proposed use and the public service area (water and sewer) must be extended to the site. The Board of Directors, in concert with its Development Advisory and Traffic and Safety Committees, will formulate the Association’s positions. Residents are encouraged to participate in the process individually and/or to share their viewpoints with the Association’s leadership.

For more information on the proposed project, Erickson has shared the following website:

[1] Planning for the Growth of the Older Adult Population in Howard County, report from the Howard County Department of Citizen Services, 2015.

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