Architectural & In-Home Business Applications

Covenants: Architectural and In-Home Business Applications

Virtual Architectural Committee (AC) meetings are being held until further notice. Meeting Agendas and information about how to virtually attend the meeting is posted under the Covenants tab of our website. The following process has been instituted to handle the review of all applications:

  • Thinking of making an exterior change to your property or starting an in-home business? The Architectural Guidelines are available here and forms can be downloaded at: Once completed, applications should be submitted to the Covenant Advisor via email, or mail. Questions? Please email the Covenant Advisor at
  • The application should include photos of the area where the exterior change is to be made. This will facilitate the review.
  • The Architectural Committee (AC) Sign-off Representative will review all applications and written comments, and render a decision or table a decision pending more information.
  • All applications must have a decision made within 60 days of receipt of the application. All applicants will be informed by phone or email of the AC decision.
  • Members of the public who wish to comment on an application should submit written comments to the Covenant Advisor via
Mail: Claret Hall, c/o Covenant Advisor, 6020 Daybreak Circle,
Clarksville, MD, 21029
  • Applicants unhappy with the decision of the Sign-off Representative may appeal the decision. A written appeal must be submitted within 10 days of receipt of the letter from the Architectural Committee to the Architectural Committee c/o Covenant Advisor (see above).

Class Offerings

Music Together with Sonia classes and ARYA Dance Academy classes are held at Claret Hall.

GOSU Martial Arts and Shaolin Kung Fu classes are held at The Meeting Room.

Visit the Class Schedules page for all the details.


Filing a Complaint

Property Complaints
Complaints will be accepted via phone or in writing.
  • To make a verbal complaint, please call 410-531-1749 and leave a message for the Covenant Advisor.
  • To file a written complaint, utilize the complaint form located on our website; or
  • Mail your complaint to: Claret Hall, c/o Village Manager, 6020 Daybreak Circle, Clarksville, MD 21029.
If you wish the complaint to remain anonymous, do not provide the association with your name or contact information.
Residents are encouraged to file the following types of complaints directly to the appropriate department:
  • Columbia Association Open Space issues via or call 410-715- 6330;
  • Illegal signs in the County rights-of-way, traffic sign marking concerns, dead animals in the roadway via Tell HoCo at
  • Non-emergency issues pertaining to MD 108 and MD 32  call toll free 1-800-543-2515 or 410-582-5650 (local) or submit a non-emergency State Highway Administration concern/issue using their SERVICE REQUEST FORM.

Development Updates

Changes in the form of development and re-development continue to occur around the boundaries of the Village of River Hill. Updates are provided below:

Erickson Living Continuing Care Retirement Community
On March 4 at 6 p.m. the Zoning Board will begin to hear the case (ZB-1118M) to amend the zoning of 62.116 acres located off MD 108 at 12170 Clarksville Pike. The change in zoning from Rural Conservation-Density Exchange Option (RC-DEO) and Business-General (B-2) to a Community Enhancement Floating Zoning–Mixed (CEF-M) zone for the Erickson at Limestone Valley Continuing Care Retirement Community is needed for the project to move forward. This hearing is expected to continue beyond March 4 and the following dates have been set aside: March 11 at 6 p.m., March 18 at 4 p.m., and March 25 at 6 p.m. Although the association continues to have concerns about the safety of the retirement community’s entrance on MD 108, the River Hill Community Association’s Board of Directors voted on February 10 to submit testimony in support of the petition. The association’s written testimony will be posted on this site following submittal.

River Hill Square
Construction of the River Hill Square retail project on the site of the former River Hill Garden Center is well underway and a summer opening is anticipated. In February, the Howard County Board of Appeals Hearing Examiner granted River Hill Square, LLC a variance (BA 19-022V) to reduce the required structure and use setback from a residential district from 30’ to 0’ to accommodate an 8-foot solid fence. The Garden Center will no longer have a presence on site. In addition to having a U.S. Post Office and a State Employees Credit Union (SECU branch), businesses coming to the center are expected to include a coffee shop, a burger place, an ice cream store, and a hair care business. Prior to completion of the Sheppard Lane re-alignment, a stormwater management facility must be constructed on the east side of Sheppard Lane. This facility will drain under the intersection and outfall into the existing stream valley on the Limestone Valley Farm property. The developer estimates Sheppard Lane will need to be closed for 2 weeks to complete the roadwork.

Robinson Overlook
The Site Development Plan for Robinson Overlook, the 48-unit apartment complex with a low, moderate, and mixed income structure located at 7410 Grace Drive (SDP- 19-055 & PB 449), was reviewed and approved by the Howard County Planning Board (5-0) in January. The Department of Planning and Zoning has granted allocations for 43 housing units in 2021. Signature approval of the site development plan original occurred in February. The developer may now apply for building permits.

Cedar Creek Development
The Site Development Plans for the first phase of this residential project were signed and approved in early January 2020: SDP-19-022 – for model homes consisting of five single-family attached homes and 2 single family detached homes; and SDP19 057 for 122 units. Phase 1 construction has begun with tree removal, grading, and the installation of perimeter sediment control fencing. Utilities and the limit of disturbance for the pathway connection at Quiet Night Ride have been marked. Temporary stormwater control measures will be created onsite followed by the installation of utilities and road construction. Plans for the environmental trail and bridge connecting this development to the Robinson Nature Center (SDP-19-025), are currently under review by the County.