CA’s New Logo Springs Up Around Town

On April 19 the Columbia Association officially launched its new logo.  Residents who are familiar with and have an attachment to the former logo, the People Tree, will recognize a modernized version in the new logo.

Why has CA chosen to change its logo?  There are several reasons, the most compelling being that the Columbia community is in a time of change.  From the Symphony Woods Park development, to the first new homes being built in Columbia in quite a few years, to the Downtown Plan and mall redevelopment…there’s just a lot of new and exciting things happening in Columbia.  At 45 (yes, our town is 45 this year!), a new generation is taking root and starting families, new ideas are forming, new initiatives are in the works, and CA wants to convey this new spirit. The new logo will also provide CA with more flexibility. CA actually owns the rights to the new image and it is designed so to work in the small spaces required by social media.

Yes, that’s right; CA owns the People Tree sculpture, but not the trademark for the image! As a result, there are many organizations that utilize the People Tree image in their marketing materials.  From the beginning, it has been a mission of Columbia to be a place where people enjoy their work, their lives, the environment and the community.  The People Tree, has represented the ideal of people working, playing, growing and prospering together.  This is where the new logo gets its “roots.”  The new logo is a logical progression and evolution of the meaning and symbolism of the tree.  It is now contemporary, bright, simple, lively and full of meaning.  The new “tree” is comprised of people with open arms in each leaf of the top of the tree.  The arms and the people connect to one another.  When the logo appears without the tree trunk, a full circle is formed signifying wholeness, completeness, unending strength, motion and progress.  The colors represent the sky and earth…beautiful, cloudless days with bright green space and pathways.  The blue and green are about health, growth, happiness and fun.

So when you see the new logo, in one of its representations, equate this to all the services and opportunities that CA provides and the important role that each of us play in making Columbia the special community that it is!

Check out the short video introducing the new logo on YouTube at  Let CA know what you think of the new logo by posting comments on their main Facebook page at  Or provide your comments and questions online at

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