Candidate Statements

Kevin Bruening
It has been an honor to serve the River Hill community as a Board member since Aug 2021 and as the Board Chair since May of 2023. Recently, as a Board we addressed matters including safety, the county 10 year plan and it’s effects on development and zoning in River Hill, commented on the HCPSS School Board decision to increase walking distances, advocated for additional projects to be funded from CA, and continued improvements to pools, pathways and playgrounds. My priorities for 2024 and beyond are:
• Work to bring more of your CPRA back to the Village.
• Continue to improve engagement with HCPD to address problems unique to River Hill
• Protect the quality of service provided including the pool, open space, and re-envisioning playgrounds

Balbir Lakhanpal
I ask for your vote this April. I wish to continue as a Board Member working with many of the great citizens of our community to make it better. Rekha and I have lived in River Hill since 2002. Our son attended schools locally here in the community. I also worked locally at W. R. Grace, where I was Director of Global Technology. I recently retired and would like to spend time now to help improve the quality of life in the Village, including well planned infrastructure projects that allow open space to thrive, communicate and act on resident issues, and interact with Howard County leadership. I am open to listening to your thoughts and needs.