Can You Help? RAC Volunteers Needed!

Help wantedAs of March 21, 2016 the River Hill Resident Architectural Committee (RAC) has been temporarily disbanded by the River Hill Board of Directors due to lack of membership.

The Association is putting out a call to the residents of River Hill to become RAC members. The Association’s goal is to start up the RAC again in June 2016.

To be a member of the RAC, you need to be a resident of the Village, at least 18 years of age, and your property must be in compliance with the Covenants. No special background is required; volunteers just need to have a desire to help our community and to ensure that each alteration enhances the natural and manmade environment of the Village. The Association’s Covenant Advisor will train the new committee members.

The Covenants were put in place to maintain a high quality community, and based on the Covenants, the Association has developed the Architectural Guidelines. The Architectural Guidelines are in place to guide residents through the application process and help ensure that structural changes or uses on residential properties are compatible with those in the surrounding area.

As a RAC member, your role is integral. Prior to each meeting, you will perform site visits for some of the applications. You will visit the properties on your own schedule. You will participate in the RAC meeting where applicants and other affected residents have an opportunity to provide input. You and the other RAC members will use the Architectural Guidelines as the basis for the committee’s recommendations to the Architectural Committee.

Residents interested in contributing as a member of this committee should contact the Covenant Advisor at 410-531-1749 or by email at

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