Brainstorm for River Hill’s Future

Share the Journey as We Develop the Plan for the Village Center of Tomorrow
As part of the Association’s efforts to develop a long-term plan and vision for the village center and adjacent area, the River Hill Master Plan Committee (MPC) has been busily working over the last few months.  Your input is needed.  In conjunction with Village Elections, the MPC will hold a community workshop on April 30 at 10 a.m. at Claret Hall.

The MPC encourages residents, local merchants, and other property owners in the surrounding area to take part in this facilitated session.  The Committee wants to gather information about the community’s priorities for the future.  Whether you are concerned about public safety, aesthetics, traffic issues, or environmental sustainability, your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions are an important part of formulating the plan.  Join the conversation and share your ideas as we develop the plan for the village center of tomorrow.

To follow the efforts of the MPC and to provide additional input to the Committee, visit the River Hill Master Plan blog at

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