River Hill Community Association


Special Traffic and Safety Committee

The River Hill Community Association (RHCA) Board of Directors has chartered a special committee comprised of interested residents to enhance the well being of the community by addressing issues relating to traffic and safety in and near the Village.  Special Committees are authorized under Article 3 of the RHCA Articles of Incorporation and Article 3 of the RHCA By-Laws.

The committee will develop positions and communications, advise the Board and if requested represent the Board, and produce document(s) summarizing requirements for improved sidewalks, roadways, and common areas to make the Village of River Hill safer for residents.

The committee will be called the RHCA Traffic and Safety Committee.  It will include membership by one or more board members who will be a liaison to the Board, and to the county if needed. The Board member(s) on the committee will also have responsibility in the committee’s initial organization and timelines, necessary to achieve their goals and fulfill their responsibilities as defined below.


During 2007 residents came to the meetings of the RHCA Board of Directors to express concerns with pedestrian safety and with the difficulty handicapped residents and residents with baby strollers, etc. were having in navigating through the Village Center and across MD Route 108.  These concerns aligned with ongoing Board discussions of the safety of pedestrians along Route 108 and South Trotter Road.



The RHCA Traffic and Safety Committee will promote the safe access in and around the Village of River Hill.  To this end, the committee will have responsibility to meet with various parties, produce position papers, develop correspondence and comments, and make recommendations to the Board.  Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, improving:

  • pedestrian connections within the Village Center;
  • pedestrian and biking connections within the village, along MD 108 in Clarksville, and between the village and other adjacent or significant properties/development;
  • traffic volumes and flow, speed, noise, and safety along MD 108 and MD 32; and
  • public transit connections and related improvements.

Revised and Approved:   October 2, 2017