River Hill Community Association Teen Advisory Committee Charter

The River Hill Community Association (RHCA) Board of Directors has chartered a special committee comprised of interested youth residents to enhance the well being of the community by facilitating the active involvement of teens addressing issues relating to the youth of the River Hill community. Special Committees are authorized under Article 3 of the RHCA Articles of Incorporation and Article 3 of the RHCA By-Laws.

The committee will consist of a group of teens not to exceed 10 in number and selected through application and personal interview by the River Hill Board of Directors.  Communications will be established, and the committee will advise the Board and if requested represent the Board.

The committee will be called the RHCA Teen Advisory Committee. It will include membership by a balanced group of students from local high schools who will be responsible for liaison to the Board, and to the county if needed. The Board Member(s) on the committee will also have responsibility in the committee’s initial organization and timelines, necessary to achieve their goals and fulfill their responsibilities as defined below.


In the past, the opportunity has been made available to River Hill teens to serve as Teen Representatives. The Teen Representatives worked together, along with the River Hill Manager and Events Coordinator to plan community events, as well as encourage and increase the participation of the general youth, both as community members as well as volunteers. The role of the RHCA Teen Advisory Committee is similar to that of the Columbia Association Teen Advisory Committee. Organizing the teens together on a Teen Advisory Committee will provide a structural advantage to the group.  The creation of the Student Member position on the Village Board provides a certain practicability of a Teen Advisory Committee, more directly linking the teen volunteers to the Village Board itself.



The RHCA Teen Advisory Committee will promote the volunteer and community spirit of River Hill through the active encouragement of teen involvement in the community through planning and implementing teen events and programs. The RHCA Teen Advisory committee would also address concerns, opinions, and ideas of the community youth at large.  The committee will be expected to facilitate in the planning, execution, and evaluation of, but not limited to, the following community events:

  • River Hill Halloween Event
  • Breakfast and Lunch with Santa Event
  • Breakfast and Lunch with the Bunny Event
  • Searching for Spring Easter Egg Hunt
  • Middle School Pool Party
  • National Night Out
  • At least one (1) community benefit event geared specifically for teens, by teens
  • Other events can include community fundraisers, drives, advocacy programs, etc.

The committee members will also be expected to:

  • Develop a system within the committee to produce articles for the Villager featuring stories and/or interview.
  • Attend a minimum of three (3) Board Meetings at least four (4) weeks apart to present the activities of the committee
  • Hold at least two (2) committee meetings per month at the discretion of the Student Member, Village Manager, and Events Coordinator
  • Serve as community liaisons at their respective high schools and communicate current community happenings and issues.

Approved by the River Hill Village Board:  August 16, 2010

Revised by the River Hill Village Board:  June 6, 2016