By-Laws of the River Hill Resident Architectural Committee


Section A – Name

This committee shall be known as the Resident Architectural Committee, here after referred to as RAC.

Section B – Composition

The RAC shall consist of a minimum of five (5) members and no more than seven (7) members. The Village Covenant Advisor will act as an advisor to the RAC.


The Objectives of the RAC are:

a. To protect and preserve the quality of the Village environment while offering the greatest possible freedom in use and alteration of one’s property under provisions of the River Hill Village Covenants and Architectural Guidelines while considering affected neighbors.

b. To provide guidance and information to Village residents in planning improvements or alterations to their property.

c. To review all exterior alterations and in-home business applications and make recommendations to the Architectural Committee.

d. To stimulate resident involvement in the architectural review process.

e. To foster pride in the appearance of our village.


Section A – Eligibility

Membership on the RAC shall be open to all residents, age eighteen (18) years or older, of the Village of River Hill.

Section B – Appointment

To become a member of the RAC, a resident shall submit an application; attend two consecutive RAC meetings; understand, agree to uphold, and be in compliance with the River Hill Covenants and Architectural Guidelines; and be interviewed by the RAC which will then report to the Village Board.  Members shall be appointed by the Village Board.

Section C – Tenure of Membership

Membership on the RAC shall be for one (1) full year starting with the second meeting of the River Hill Village Board following the annual meeting (election). There will not be a limit to the number of terms which any resident may serve on the RAC.  The RAC shall establish application procedures and the time frame for applications.

Section D – Officers

The RAC Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall be elected by the RAC at the first regular meeting after the appointment of the RAC.  The Chairperson shall preside over all meetings of the RAC and be the representative of the RAC.  The Vice Chairperson shall assume all duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson in his/her absence.

Section E – Resignation

The resignation of a RAC member shall be tendered in writing to the RAC Chairperson.

Section F – Vacancies

When a vacancy occurs, the RAC Chairperson shall apprise the Village Board and bring it to the attention of the Covenant Advisor for solicitation of candidates for said vacancy.  The term of office for the new member shall coincide with the remaining term of the RAC as stipulated in Article III, Section III.

Section G – Removal of Members

A written motion for the removal of a member may be made by two or more members to the RAC.  The recommendation shall contain the reasons for the removal of the member.  A work session of the entire RAC shall be convened to hear the motion.  Passage of the motion will require a majority vote of the RAC. If the motion to remove a member is passed, the recommendation will be forwarded to the River Hill Village Board for final decision and action.

The Village Board also may act to remove an RAC member.


Section A – Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the RAC will be held twice a month.  All regular meetings are open to the public.

Section B – Work Sessions

Work sessions may be called at any time, with reasonable notice, by the Chairperson, Covenant Advisor, or the RAC.  No formal action may be taken at a work session except formulation of recommendations to the Village Board of candidates for membership or for the removal of a RAC member.

Section C – Quorum

For the purpose of reviewing applications or discussion of other matters a quorum shall be defined as a majority of existing members. An abstaining member may participate in the review of all applications and discussions.

Section D – Voting

All members shall have the right to vote on all matters that come before the RAC except:

a. On their own applications.

b. Where a member has a conflict of interest involving an application or other issue before the RAC.

c. If the member has a covenant violation.

RAC will not permit proxy or absentee voting.

Section E – Order of Business

The following shall be the general order of business for the RAC at regular meetings:

a. Review of applications of residents in attendance.

b. Addresses to the RAC by residents in attendance.

c. Review of applications of residents not in attendance.

d. Other business.


Section A – Responsibility, Contents and Distribution

The RAC is responsible for periodically reviewing the Architectural Guidelines for the Village of River Hill.  These Guidelines will contain the standards used by the RAC in reviewing applications, and shall be made available to each household in the Village.

Section B – Use

The RAC will follow the approved Guidelines for all applications submitted.

Section C – Regular and Special Reviews

All Guidelines will be reviewed at least every three years by the RAC.  Any resident of River Hill may institute a special review of any specific Guideline by showing that a substantial number (as determined by the RAC and Village Board) of residents of the entire Village feel that the Guidelines should be changed.

Section D – Change Procedure

The following procedure will be followed to change any Guideline:

a. The RAC Chairperson will call special meetings to review the Guideline, any suggested revisions, and to draft a proposed new Guideline.

b. The proposed new Guideline will be presented to the Village Board.

c. The proposed new Guideline will be presented at two or more public meetings of either the RAC or the Village Board to allow for resident comment.

d. The RAC will present the proposed new Guideline to the Village Board for approval.

e. New Guidelines are affective when approved by the River Hill Architectural Committee, and public notice is given for a minimum of sixty (60) days, by posting, publication, or other means chosen by the RAC and the Village Board.


Section A – How Amended

These By-Laws may be amended at any time by the affirmative vote of a majority of the entire RAC and subsequent review and approval by the Village Board, and the River Hill Architectural Committee.

Section B – Effective Date

Amendments shall become effective when adopted, unless otherwise provided.