Resources for Block Captains

  • Information – A variety of printed information available for distribution to participants in the program.   Copies can be obtained by contacting the Neighborhood Coordinator.
  • Neighborhood Watch Signs – The River Hill Community Association will provide Neighborhood Watch Signs. A written request must be provided to the Neighborhood Coordinator and must include written acknowledgement from the property owner(s) adjacent to/affected by the proposed installation.
  • Operation ID – Marking of easily stolen valuables so that they can be identified, creating a property identification list recording the valuables, and displaying a sticker which tells burglars that the resident is participating in Operation ID. The Neighborhood Coordinator will supply materials.
  • Home Security Surveys – A FREE on-site, in depth home assessment. Trained personnel make recommendations to correct deficiencies noted and improve overall security. The Neighborhood Coordinator with help to arrange with the Police Department.
  • Watch Your Car Program – A FREE service based on an agreement between the vehicle’s owner and the police. The Police can stop vehicles spotted on the road between 1 a.m. – 5 a.m. that display a “Watch Your Car” sticker. The Neighborhood Coordinator will supply materials.