In addition to having an elected Board of Directors and a small paid staff, the Association relies on volunteers from the community in order to fulfill its mission and help it achieve its goals. If you want to get involved, we have opportunities for all ages to choose from. Some options are short term commitments, such as helping with the Independence Day Parade or another special event, others require more time like serving on one of RHCA’s committees. To learn more about serving on one of the committees, read more below.

Architectural Committee (RHAC)

The River Hill Village Covenants establish the River Hill Architectural Committee (RHAC). It is the responsibility of this Committee to enforce the architectural and maintenance covenants. As such, the Committee establishes the rules and regulations pertaining to the use and exterior of all residential property in the village. The RHAC has the ability to perform such duties as prescribed and permitted under the Covenants, is responsible for hearing all resident appeals, and is the final decision-making authority on all exterior alteration and in-home business applications. The Committee is composed of a minimum of three (3) individuals that are appointed by the Association’s Board of Directors. The RHAC meets on an as needed basis. The Association’s Covenant Advisor supports the RHAC.

Read the RHAC By-Laws.

For more information, please contact the Covenant Advisor at 410-531-1749 or

Development Advisory Committee

In 2015, the Association’s BOD chartered a new committee to focus on development matters impacting the community. The River Hill Development Advisory Committee (DAC) has been established to advise the BOD and:

  • Promote development that seeks to create a stronger sense of community and enhance community relationships;
  • Minimize the negative impacts of development and re-development on the community;
  • Improve pedestrian and bike accessibility;
  • Promote environmental sustainability;
  • Enhance public awareness of development matters, and
  • Improve traffic and public safety.

Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis and are open to the public to observe. Please check the Association’s calendar for meeting dates.

View the DAC Charter

For more information, please contact the Village Manager at 410-531-1749 or

Election Committee

The Election Committee is responsible for the proper conduct of the annual elections of the Columbia Council Representative and the Association’s Board of Directors. The members of this Committee are appointed annually by the Board of Directors.  Any member of the Association eligible to vote in the next forthcoming election of Directors and Council Representative is eligible for membership on the Committee provided no member is a candidate for any Association office and the member does not actively campaign for or against any candidate.

View the Election Guidelines and Regulations.

Architectural Committee (RAC)

The Association’s Board of Directors (BOD) has established the Resident Architectural Committee (RAC) to assist the River Hill Architectural Committee (RHAC) in carrying out its responsibilities. The RAC consists of a minimum of five (5) members and no more than seven (7) members who are residents of the Village of River Hill. The RAC is an advisory committee responsible for reviewing exterior alteration and in-home business applications prior to final decisions being made by the RHAC. In this role the RAC conducts site visits, reviews applications, provides guidance and information to Village residents planning property improvements, and makes recommendations to the RHAC regarding approval. The RAC’s objectives are to protect and preserve the residential quality of the Village environment while offering the greatest possible freedom in use and alteration of one’s property under the provisions of the River Hill Village Covenants and Architectural Guidelines. The RAC also coordinates with the RHAC to periodically update the Architectural Guidelines and improve covenant-related procedures. The Association’s Covenant Advisor supports the RAC.

Read the RAC By-Laws.

The RAC usually meets the first and third Wednesday of every month and the meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. RAC meetings are open to the public.

The agenda for the upcoming meeting is here.

There are currently open positions on the RAC. If you are interested in getting more information about volunteering for the RAC, please contact the Covenant Advisor at 410-531-1749 or

Teen Advisory Committee

The TAC was chartered in 2010 to engage more local teens in the community. Through their volunteer service, the TAC members develop a better understanding of the Association and the community, strengthen their leadership skills, and build on individual interests and strengths. The TAC is appointed annually by the BOD for the period September 1 – August 1. Members of the TAC volunteer with River Hill’s Independence Day Parade, the Association’s annual Halloween event, and more community events. Applicants must be incoming high school freshmen or above.

2023 Teen Advisory Committee Application

River Hill Teen Advisory Charter_Final Revised 4-27-18

Traffic & Safety Committee

The River Hill Traffic & Safety Committee was an ad hoc committee established by the BOD to enhance the well-being of the community by addressing issues relating to pedestrian and vehicular safety in and near the Village of River Hill. Although this Committee is currently inactive, in the mid-2000’s this Committee advocated strongly on behalf of the community. The Committee’s work was instrumental in the County’s decision to install pedestrian refuge islands and crosswalks on Great Star Drive and Linden Linthicum Lane and place bicycle lanes along Great Star Drive.

For more information, please contact the Village Manager at 410-531-1749 or

Read the Traffic & Safety Committee Charter.

Watershed Committee

This new committee enhances public awareness of watershed problems by educating the community about pesticide and fertilizer regulations so they will make sure these substances don’t end up in our streams and eventually the Bay. The committee will raise awareness about the benefits of reducing the amount of land devoted to monoculture lawns, which require abundant watering, pesticides and fertilizer for maintenance. It will also educate the community about rain gardens, rain barrels, the use of native plants in yards, the reuse of leaves for mulch and compost and other measures that will improve the environment and slow storm water runoff and erosion.

The committee will recommend projects to the River Hill Village Board that could enhance the village while helping to slow storm water runoff.

Read the Watershed Committee Charter.

Visit the Watershed Committee Webpage.

If you are interested in joining one of RHCA's committees, please contact the appropriate chairperson, liaison, or Susan Smith, Village Manager, or 410-531-1749.

* The committees indicated by asterisks are required per the Association’s legal documents. All other committees have been established by the Board of Directors as needed.