Bike Lanes Coming

Representatives from Howard County’s Office of Transportation (OOT) provided the association’s Board of Directors with a bike lane update on June 3. Per Chris Eatough, Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator, resurfacing of Summer Sunrise Drive is scheduled for this year in late summer or early fall. Because the resurfacing effort provides an opportunity to change roadway markings, the remarking will include bike lanes on either side of Summer Sunrise Drive from Great Star Drive to Velvet Path, in accordance with the adopted Howard County bicycle master plan. Adding bike lanes when roads that provide connectivity for people on bikes are resurfaced is a common practice for Howard County, as it is a low-cost way to improve safety by providing separate spaces for people driving cars and riding bikes.

Mr. Eatough assured the Board of Directors that a process to accommodate overflow parking for special events at the River Hill Pool will be provided. The OOT is currently coordinating with other county departments to finalize the details of this process. At all times, parking along Summer Sunrise Drive east of Velvet Path will be permitted.

Note: No changes to the existing parking regime will be implemented until after the 2019 swim season.

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